Selected Publications

Multiplexed gradient descent: Fast online training of modern datasets on hardware neural networks without backpropagation

Adam N. McCaughan, Bakhrom G. Oripov, Natesh Ganesh, Sae Woo Nam, Andrew Dienstfrey, Sonia M. Buckley

[Cover of the Issue][Featured Article], APL Machine Learning, vol. 1(2), 2023, p. 026118

A superconducting-nanowire single-photon camera with 400,000 pixels

Bakhrom G. Oripov, Dana S. Rampini, Jason Allmaras, Matthew D. Shaw, Sae Woo Nam, Boris Korzh, Adam N. McCaughan

Nature, vol. 622(7984), 2023, pp. 730-734

The thermally coupled imager: A scalable readout architecture for superconducting nanowire single photon detectors

Adam. N. McCaughan, Y. Zhai, Boris Korzh, Jason P. Allmaras, Bakhrom Oripov, M. D. Shaw, S. W. Nam

[Cover of the Issue] [Featured Article], Applied Physics Letters, vol. 121(10), 2022, p. 102602

Other Publications

Cryogenic reconfigurable logic with superconducting heater cryotron: Enhancing area efficiency and enabling camouflaged processors

Shamiul Alam, Dana S. Rampini, Bakhrom G. Oripov, Adam N. McCaughan, Ahmedullah Aziz

Applied Physics Letters, vol. 123(15), 2023, pp. 152603

Large microwave inductance of granular boron-doped diamond superconducting films

Bakhrom Oripov, Dinesh Kumar, Cougar Garcia, Patrick Hemmer, T. Venkatesan, M. S. Ramachandra Rao, Steven M. Anlage

Applied Physics Letters, vol. 118(24), 2021, p. 242601

High-Frequency Nonlinear Response of Superconducting Cavity-Grade Nb Surfaces

Bakhrom Oripov, Thomas Bieler, Gianluigi Ciovati, Sergio Calatroni, Pashupati Dhakal, Tobias Junginger, Oleg B. Malyshev, Giovanni Terenziani, Anne-Marie Valente-Feliciano, Reza Valizadeh, Stuart Wilde, Steven M. Anlage

Physical Review Applied, vol. 11(6), 2019, p. 064030


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